His Contraband (BWW...
By kiaralotts
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*Mature Content* Prada is a 19 year old girl but she doesn't have the typical life of one instead of going to college she is using more than her brains to get by her looks and sex. She stands out like a pair of red bottoms and doesn't take no crap from anyone and says whatever on her mind. She's known to wrap men around her finger and get into their wallets. The only thing she loves is the money and she'll do whatever to get it. Landon is a police officer who is just living life day by day. He's a little rough around the edges but manages to stay on the right path. His life is pretty put together he has a good job, good car, and a house but no woman.. which is something he's not worried about. But when his eyes land on a certain woman his life starts to change. As he finds out more about not only himself but also the bold beautiful lady he comes across. Just them two being together can cause trouble for them both. Will they break the rules or will they go back to their own side?


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His Contr...
by kiaralotts