[Hiatus] My Quarter...
By morebob
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21 year old Emily is in her final year of university. Her years there have been the most peaceful they have been ever accompanied by coffee or tea inside the library. She isn't accompanied with friends by her side because according to most of them, she's too serious and doesn't know how to have fun. 22 year old Noah is the star quarterback that's known for his golden hair and rich clothes. He parties, sleeps around, gives the bare minimum effort in class, but all in all a good person. He is the most known person in school, always seen with his football team which he considers family. So how come two different people are stuck being roommates after so many years? Why is Noah in a cheap apartment complex when he is one of the rich? Does he break through her cold surface and calm attitude?

Chapter 1 | Slammed

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by morebob