Through The Storm
By imastupididyut
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Her alone. Him looking. Both finding something they never thought they needed. She thought she was invisible to them all. But she wasn't. She just wanted to be there to get the education she needed in the future to fight. To fight for her family's right to live on the land that has been in their family for centuries. But how was she ever going to be able to withstand the onslaught that a big powerful company brings against her. Especially when they have the government backing them. To others, it is all about profit. To her, it is all about family. Without family... None of us would be here. I might only be one and I might be all alone. But this is my life, and this is my home. I don't know what each day will being me and I really don't care. They might bring me low at times, but I will make it. I will make it through the storm they cause my life to become.

The Start Part 1

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Through T...
by imastupididyut