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**** ACCEPTING ANY CHARACTER REQUESTS, IDEAS, OR SCENARIOS REGARDING JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE! **** Hello and welcome to my little book of OneShots for Jojo! I will accept any requests, male or female characters, sexual or non-sexual, funny or serious, whatever the preference may be! Also I have kept up with all the parts of Jojo but my understanding of parts 6-8 are a little foggy so please allow me sometime to get your character correctly! I will also provide any disclaimers at the beginning of certain oneshots to those who may be sensitive to the content I am writing about! Please feel free to message me personally for any comments, questions, or concerns! I always will take feedback to make the next story better than the last! Thanks for reading and I hope you all enjoy! :) -T *** All art I add to each piece will be given credit where it is deserved unless it is my own drawing or I do not know who is the artist! *** Key: Some of these may be used in some stories, while some may not, just thought I'd give you guys an idea just in case I ever do (just in case anyone doesn't know...): (Y/N) = Your name (L/N) = Last Name (Y/S/N) = Your stand name (Y/E/C) or (E/C) = Your eye color (Y/H/C) or (H/C) = Your hair color AU = Alternate Universe OC = Original character OCC = Out of character For mature readers: LEMON = Mature Stories LIME = Semi-Mature Angst = Dark/Depression ***I DO NOT OWN JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE***


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