Dreaming mistake
By Qavia_
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Typical writepad... An app, where every girls "dream" guy lives. AN APP THAT IS FILLED WITH THINGS THAT CANNOT TURN INTO REALITY! Because... It. Is. Not. REAL. Or is it? -=--=-=-=-=-=--=-=--=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Grace is a typical "depressed" teenage girl. She hates romance. She has written a story about her life mixed up in a fantasy, little did she know it was going to come true. She thinks that everyone is so gullible, all the girls at her school think "Oh my god, one day I'm going to get married to a werewolf/vampire/prince, WHATEVER, YOU WANT TO CALL IT." 'Standards of other girls: - GOTTA HAVE EM ABS - GOTTA BE SPORTY CAUSE IF YOU CAN'T SWIM, WELL GUESS WHAT. I ain't gonna save ya when you drown and get eaten by piranhas. - And of course, have "pineapple" hair'. 'Standards of grace: - Two words: Not Gullible. Hah, well guess what pig. Be prepared cause a huge tsunami of drama & "Gullibleness" is coming for you. What will happen to the world if she makes the wrong decision? And will she be able to fix her mistakes, before it all goes wrong?


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