Charming Mr. Stewar...
By evacharya
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When Elle packed her bags and left home with her child in tow, she was determined to live life with memories of her late husband, alone. As the once prominent wedding photographer re-kindles her business, it's partially to keep herself far too busy for stupid little thing like love. By chance, when she meets a potentially special client it's with sweaty palms and skipping a beat that may have nothing to with a broken AC and above 30°C heat. Taking on Mr. Stewart as a client may not be strictly business, but will Elle battle all odds, a snobbish matriarch, and a woman hell-bent on letting her know that Dean is off-limits unscathed? After all, falling in love with a client is not an option despite Dean's attempt at every turn to steal what's left of her healing heart. (Please, don't forget to vote for the chapters if you liked them. It's a simple little thing that will help the book out so much! 🙏 😊 )

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by evacharya