Upon Flames Of Fur
By creepyOutsider
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[!! Not Being Updated At The Moment !!] A girl young, but determined finds herself in a very strange situation. She must become the warrior her family believes she is and fight for her new found life and - body!?. She will go through a series of challenges and choices that won't be easy. She is a new generation, along with the worlds new found inhabitants. Will she ever get a break from this ever changing life style, or will she struggle and die off with those who couldn't handle it? Read and find out... HI! SO, this wasn't my idea this was first CrystalSherer's idea I'm just writing a knock off version. You should- actually no, GO read her story first not mine!!! Hers is the original. The title of her story is "Upon Wings Of Change" it's truly a great story by a great writer, so go read her book. That's about all so um updates might be slow. Also, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO BUG ME ABOUT UPDATES, in fact you might just give me enough insperation to ACTUALLY write or finish a chapter cause I can get pretty lazy... Heh, well enjoy!!! - From Your Beloved Author, Creepy_outsider.

Um Sorry

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Upon Flam...
by creepyOutsider