Crown Games
By stormstars-
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  • revolution
  • steampunk
  • swordandsorcery
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  • yafantasy


*CURRENTLY UNDERGOING EDITING* ----------- They've taken her CROWN. They've taken her FAMILY. They've taken her FREEDOM. But they will not take her LIFE. Meredith Ryder has a secret. A powerful mage with a claim to the Lochlish throne, she has been driven out of her homeland and forced to embrace life as a lower-class citizen. She works to rebuild everything she has lost under a new name, one that will hopefully keep her hidden from those who wish to harm her. When a twist of fate shatters her illusion of safety and thrusts her beloved brother into the spotlight of the dazzling-but haunted-Aurellian court, she is delivered an ultimatum: fight in the upcoming Crown Games or watch her brother die. As a competitor, Meredith must navigate a court fraught with hidden plots, intrigue, madness, and betrayal-or she risks losing everything. ************************* Ranking: #71 Action: 4-7-19 #94 Fantasy: 4-13-19 Current Cover @storms_and_seas Does contain violence/gore TABLE SHAKER IN TRIDENT AWARDS 3rd Place Winner in Constellation Awards

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Crown Gam...
by stormstars-