Truth or Dare?
By LadyAlice25
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"You are to perform every dare on me and me only. Understand?" Marcus stared at me waiting for a response. "What if they're very inappropriate and not something you want me to do?" I whispered, avoiding his gaze. "Oh I'm counting on it being inappropriate and trust me, I can't wait sweetheart!" ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Felicity Young was left heartbroken when her childhood sweat heart decided he didn't want to settle and wanted to spread his wings and sleep with other women. Dick! Fresh out of university, she moved back home with her parents and older brother, about to start her first year teaching in a primary school down the road. Felicity had completely sworn off men until her girl friends decide on an innocent game of truth or dare in a bar that involves a forgotten crush on her brothers best friend. How could it possibly end badly? #1 in Navy stories 24/5/19 #1 in Dare stories 15/12/19 #1 in British 6/6/20 #2 romance 25/1/20


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Truth or...
by LadyAlice25