My heart will go on
By CharlieGlambert
  • Historical Fiction
  • adam
  • family
  • forbidden
  • friendship
  • lies
  • love
  • secrets
  • student
  • teacher
  • titanic
  • tommy
  • trust
  • truth


"Excuse me sir, do you know if my husband is here?" I asked. "What's his name?" asked the capitan. "George Dawson!" I said. "I'm sorry!" he replied. *** Adam and his family wants to start a new life in New York. His husband buys third class tickets to Titanic. But nobody knew that the ship would soon face a tragic fate. A cold and clear night, Titanic crashed with an iceberg. A crewman ordered them to put on warm clothes and get up on the deck. But only women and children are allowed to board the lifeboats. George manages to smuggle his husband and their two children in a lifeboat. That's the last time they see each other. *** Tommy has moved from London to New York because of his mom's new job. She works as a principal at his new school. One morning he meets Adam and he falls in love. But he's his teacher and too old for him. He doesn't know that Adam has feelings for him too. He'll lose his job or end up in jail if they get together. Will their forbidden love last forever and will Tommy find out his secret? Things are getting more complicated when Adam's husband comes to visit. -Based on true event-

Maiden voyage

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My heart...
by CharlieGlambert