Short Circuit (Ride...
By AdelinaJaden
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Stig loved two things since he was a kid: his laptop and bikes. What started as curiosity, ended up being his life for both those things. When he left his family in Sweden on his Harley to travel the world, he never knew he would settle in California and become a Rider of Tyr. But he had been through some shit and he needed a haven. The Riders provided that and he offered his skills. His plan? Play games, smoke pot, do his job, have fun. And keep his secret. Nathan is a lone wolf and there are a million reasons how he ended up like that. In his line of work, being alone is better and he aims to be effective. But even lone wolves need to hunt with company sometimes. When his company is a tempting pierced hacker, Nathan has a plan: get the job done and leave. Both will find out that plans don't always work.

1. Connecting

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Short Cir...
by AdelinaJaden