The Midnight Game
By DarkRedrum
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[Written for 2018 Christmas] ❝He sees you when you're asleep, he knows If you're awake❞ Christmas night was always about the fun for adults. Remembering the birth of Jesus Christ for religious people and getting presents from Santa Clause for children. That's why these ten teenagers arranged a sleepover in Germanotta Mansion, owned by one of the teenager's grandmother. The sleepover takes place at the huge empty room upstairs in the corner of the third floor right after the Christmas party that left these teenagers exhausted but that didn't stop them from playing a silly game called "The Midnight Game" where The Midnight Man comes to claim the player's life if they failed to stay away from him. The Game starts right at the midnight, you're advised to move around the house until the game ends at three thirty-three in the morning that's if you win, for the ones who lose, the game might end earlier than that along with their lives. Sure, it was fun running around acting like there's a man chasing you from behind until the real Midnight Man appeared releasing hell on the mansion. The adults were having fun drinking in an after-party at a bar while their kids were slaughtered one by one by The Midnight Man. However, the midnight man was not the only thing the teenagers should be worried about. Apparently, there's been a robbery going on inside the mansion since Mrs. Germanotta most valuable jewel went missing from her granddaughter, Evelyn's neck right after the game started. The teenagers were all terrified after finding out that they were locked inside a mansion possibly with a bunch of robbers and a supernatural killer hiding in the dark corners of the huge building without their parents nor cellphone line. One thing for sure, they have to keep moving to stay alive.

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The Midni...
by DarkRedrum