Born Wild
By Vibrantly_sassy
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A new start is all she wants. A new beginning where she can forget all her past. But the constant nightmares and the scar on her waist is a reminder of who she was and what she had done. After the tragic event, Nixie's family decides to move back to their hometown hoping that would help Nexie return to her old self. New school and new friends, maybe that is what she needs. Zevon was just as much a mess as she was. Perhaps he was also the only one who could understand her and help her. But that would mean confronting the past she was trying to forget and Nixie knew she was not ready to face those nightmares yet. ✁-------------------------------- Please be advised that some of the content may not be suitable for younger audiences. There will be no explicit sex scenes, but some sexual content might still appear. There will also be profanity and other mature themes that may be triggering to some.


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Born Wild
by Vibrantly_sassy