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If your reading this, you might be my children, someone random, or just trying to find something to read. If you're trying to sell this, don't... Sell it to the human governments... Unless they've became morally gray amd things aren't black and white... If my notebook name is smug then let me intruduce myself... My name is Y/n Comic. If you're asking why my last name is Comic, well that's because that my husbands last name! I really hope you're a blood relative of mine... If you're wondering why I'm so worried is because right now, I live under Mt. Ebbot, I dont know if we've made into the surface or it's just resets and back to the start... I really hope my sibling is in control --- An Quantumtale Au where it take underground not in the surface. I wonder who has the notebook. Why dont you read and find out? --- S T A T U S |Release: 06/15/21| |Update: Every Sunday| |Time: Random|

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