Breaking Free (BXB)
By HeartfullyYours
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Milo was completely ordinary until an extra-ordinary war threatened his home and everyone he holds dear. Now he must find it within himself to fight for a world he barely knows, navigate complicated relationships and twisted loyalties to save everyone he has ever loved or die trying. _______________________ My heart panged at the thought of being alone. Owen got up to leave, my body now thoroughly warmed and safe under the mounds of blankets. I reached for his arm, holding him there for a second, begging him with my eyes. "Please don't leave me alone," I mumbled into the pillows, my words muffled by the fabric, and slowly, as if I would shatter into a million pieces if he moved too harshly, Owen crawled in beside me, holding me in his arms. "Ok." He murmured into my hair. "Ok." He repeated, and I drifted off. For the first time in a long time, I felt safe. Cover by Kimkunkur

Chapter 1-Head in The Sand

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by HeartfullyYours