The Hunter Luna [Co...
By xaritena
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"You were fun at the beginning, I give you that. It was a challenge to tame you really" a cocky smirk appeared on his face before he continue. "But after I had my way with you, easily I may add, I was bored." "W-what?" she mastered to say but her voice broke in the end. Her fake smile was disappearing. Damien and Roxana both chuckled at her reaction. "You should have known better. You are a human, a hunter. You are not luna material. " Roxana said with a smirk on her face. Clearly enjoying Semeli's broken figure. "Right baby?" she said in a flirting voice turning to look at Damien. "You were good for fucking, you really know how to please a man, sleeping around taught you some good tricks" Damien said evilly. Gasps were heard from the kitchen and everybody start whispering the word whore. "But now I am done with you, you are no longer needed here" Damien said not looking at her but looking lovingly at Roxana. Semeli's heart broke, she desperately try to hide her tears. "I Damien Black, alpha of the Black moon pack, reject you Se-" - - - Bad and good guys were not an actual kind. In a time where werwolves fought their kind and humans killed their own blood, a treaty must be made in order for the balance to remain. An alpha so ruthless even the moon goddess feared to grand him a mate and a hunter so powerful she made everyone shake. He thought that he will never find his mate and she was taught that love was in vain. When one of the most powerful hunters visits the alpha of the black moon pack to sigh a treaty things don't go as planned. Everything is not what is seems and the bad guy is not always the evil one. Read more about two souls who were meant to cross each others path. A/N: This is a draft of the story, which means you may stubble across grammatical & spelling mistakes. Please do kindly point them out, it will be easier for me when I will edit the entire book.


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The Hunte...
by xaritena