Ish and the Golden...
By gideoneaston
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Ish is chasing the rarest bird in the world, and so is a ruthless band of hunters. The air is contaminated. A monster with countless heads lurks underground, resurfacing often to ravage cities and feast on crows. Ish is unarmed. Carrying only a net and logbook, he rides alone through the wilds where mischievous little gray creatures called isps frolic. When the hunters unleash upon him a series of atrocities to dissuade him from competing with them, his obsession for the chase is mingled with overpowering, vehement revenge. He grapples with morality, guilt, and a sickness that threatens his life. The bird, a falcon with golden feathers, meanders in and out of events and seems to have intentions of its own. Ish begins to wonder whether he is chasing it or it is chasing him. He does not know if the Golden Falcon will be his cure, but he suspects there could be more to this mystical being than meets the eye. Conflict and pursuit intertwine to explore human nature, ambition, and the endurance of hope.

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Ish and t...
by gideoneaston