Beast within the Be...
By Bemythyst
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"Well, well, well." I felt the entirety of my body stiffen. "Pray tell," the masculine voice murmured as his chin rested down onto my shoulder, "what has made them send such a fine lady such as yourself?" A Beauty and the Beast Retelling in which Beauty is determined to seduce the Beast--and then kill him. Every year, a fair maiden is sacrificed to the Beast that lurks deep in the woods. The Beast is a tyrant that rules with an iron grip, demanding that a maiden is sent to him as his faithful bride. The unlucky maiden is chosen to be his in mind, body, and soul until she inevitably falls dead at his feet. Ismae LaBelle steps forward as the Beast's next victim. However, she has no desire to be his little obedient wife. Ismae only has knives up her sleeves and she is prepared to do whatever it takes to befall her husband. However, when Ismae finally meets her husband, she realizes he is not the cold-hearted Beast she thought him to be. His touch leaves her shaken and his kisses blind her senses--but she must keep a steady hand on her knives, for the sake of those she loves. Ismae is determined to be rid of her husband and she will not allow anything to get in the way of that goal. -Completed. -Contains suggestive themes. -YA

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Beast wit...
by Bemythyst