Italian Love {BWWM}
By omfgitssomo
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"Okay, i'm gonna need you to let me go now please..." i said lowly. "Why should I bambino?" he asked while lifting one eyebrow and cocking his head to the side. Gawd damn he is fine. "Be-because i asked nicely?" he looked at me and chuckled. "And i asked you nicely to open the door, but did you do that for me?" he asked while leaning in closer to my lips, so close it was to the point where i could smell his minty breath mixed with coffee. "But-" "Shh no buts," he said while holding a finger to my lips, and pulling me closer to him. "You can't do this, i don't even know your name, shirt stealer," i said in annoyance. At this point my body was tired and slumped against the wall. All that running was a no no for me man. I'm surprised i eve got as far as i did in all honesty. "My name is Luca Lombardi bamabino, however soon you will be calling me by a different name," Luca said smirking. ~~~~ This is a Stand Alone, You can read this book without reading The Billionaire's Regret. But i would like it if you read that too😊 WARNING MATURE CONTENT i'm all about the smut so don't be surprised if there is a lot of it :)

Capitolo Primo

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Italian L...
by omfgitssomo