Not A Dream | ✔
By darkbluegemstone
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"Hello, little rose. You've grown." His body was pressed against mine, hindering my escape. "Keep your hands off me. I don't even know you." I tried to push him away but he was too strong. I was going to knee where the sun doesn't shine but the following events left me in a daze. "Don't worry, I will make you remember." I felt his warm lips on my neck and then pain shot through my upper body. I cried out in pain and tried to scream for help but he silenced me with his hands. My vision blurred with unshed tears and I slowly slipped into unconsciousness. ▪▪▪ Six years ago, twelve year old Williemae Rose met sixteen year old Mace Bennett on a farmstay vacation trip in Gold Coast, Australia. The Bennetts hosted the Rose family during their stay on their farm, without knowing that their youngest son would have taken an interest in the foreign girl. An interest so great that the teenage Bennett waited 6 years for young Rose to reach adulthood before officially claiming her as his. But the Rose was already the Demon's the moment he laid his eyes upon her. ■□■ Note to readers: The first 6 Chapters will be in the past, Chapter 6 onwards will be in the present. I understand 6 Chapters are quite lengthy for just the past events but I promise it will get better. Please bear with me!

Author's Note.

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Not A Dre...
by darkbluegemstone