The Face Of Reality
By HermyneKhaling
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"You shouldn't fall in love with me, Sophia," he said as his eyes watched me closely. "Why not?" "Because honestly, I really don't care." _______________________________ Augustine does not have time for stupid romance or anything else that doesn't sound practical or real in any sense. His life, his days, his nights, his thoughts, are all for his siblings and his matches in the ring. On the other hand, we have Sophia Swann, an aspiring writer, who has all sorts of fantasies running wild in her head. To Augustine, she's nothing but crazy. Augustine is doing exceptionally well looking after his siblings. And he wants nothing more than keeping his family well, keeping his life on track... but, what will happen when this certain fantasizing girl pops out of nowhere and challenges his sanity? Will Augustine still have the grip and control over his own reality? But with Sophia, you never know what the next thing could be. __________________________________

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The Face...
by HermyneKhaling