Best Friends ღ Ha...
By wolvhunt
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-COMPLETED- DISCLAIMER: this book includes a deep make out scene, some mature content, and "curse" words. do not read if you might be in any way uncomfortable or immature. BEFORE READING: this is very cliché and isn't written well, and I'm aware of it. Thus, please no hate and trying to tell me something I don't already know. DESCRIPTION: A girl named Sydney moves to North Carolina, leaving behind her life from California. It's summer and she wants to spend it with her best friend Reneé but it's instead, accompanied by hayes. This summer is the most fun and lively summer she ever had. There is cheating and lying and playing and adventure all bottled up in one book about the summer hayes and Sydney had. ©2014-2015 // wolvhunt 🌊

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Best Frie...
by wolvhunt