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[World Wanderer Book 2] Heita is a city of four colors and their varying shades; cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. The citizens here matching the limited color scheme. The underground is peacefully run by the working class Monochromes. While the city above is run by the partying Zenites who are cared for by the Monochromes. Together these races have a balance of creativity and necessity. A balance that will soon be broken by a new group of residents; The Masked. Soon after safely making it into the city, Sol is forced into adoption and given to a guardian. Now Sol must get used to this new city, while also living under someone's care and home. To make adjusting all the more difficult, the Masked are causing trouble throughout the city and Sol can't help but keep running into them. With all the trouble they cause, aren't they at least better than the Enforcement? [Part 2 of Act 1 "Introduction"]

Chapter 1

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