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"Look at me!". His voice had turned cold and gruff, and she could sense the silent fury raging within him like an angry volcano waiting to erupt, and she suddenly found herself trembling with fear. He had never used such tone on her. His deep, masculine voice was always soft and gentle. Infact, it was her source of comfort during this dark period of her life, when it constantly comforted her from her pain and sent away her fears and worries. Now, that same voice caused the contents of her stomach to churn in fear and her body to begin shaking like a leaf on a breezy day. "Should I have reason to believe you've been lying to me?", he demanded when she failed to meet his gaze minutes later. His voice, if anything, had gone even colder now, and she could tell he was fighting every inch of his being to remain calm and not lose control, but he was loosing miserably. But still, she did not look up. And she did not answer his question either. Tears had welled in her eyes, making it difficult to speak, to look into those dark, mesmerising eyes and allow him to see the shadow of betrayal within her sombre ones. It was the sudden sound of a palm hitting violently against the arm-rest of a chair that caused her to suddenly look up and stare at him in alarm. His eyes had turned a reddish shade, and his right hand was balled into a fist. "Do not take me for a fool Ummi! You will answer my darm question, right here and right now!", he bellowed, and the tears she had been holding made its way down her face, but instead of wiping them away discreetly as she always did whenever they treacherously came out while in his presence, she allowed them to flow freely this time around, allowing him to witness the guilt in her tears this time around. It was time for her to speak up! To utter words she had been refraining from saying for a very long time. Words she knew was going to shatter their lives into a thousand pieces...

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