My Best Friends Boy...
By Kenziexwrites
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**VERY CRINGE WORTHY IM WARNING YOU**😖 **VERY CLICHE**😖 He's a bit on the edge She's the good girl. He's popular. She hides in the shadows. He has everyone falling for him. She's been bullied almost her whole life. He's dating her best friend. She's in love with her best friends boyfriend. What can go wrong? ~ ~ ~ His kisses become hungrier as he started moving up my jaw and back to my neck. His hands then grab my waist, wrapping his arm around the lower part of my back. "Fuck I wanna taste those perfect pink lips so bad," He grunted against me and nibbled on my neck causing me to moan. "That's it, baby, let it out," He mumbled as I felt him grip the hem of my shorts. I gasped and open my eyes. Finally, I managed to pull away coming to my senses, remembering that what we are doing is completely wrong. I push Damon away from me and breathe heavily. This is wrong! So, so wrong! What did I do?! God, I'm the worlds worst best friend ever! Damon stared at me, breathing heavily too. He examined my neck and smirked. Oh, god. Please don't tell me I have what I think I have on my neck. "Now you're mine." ~ ~ ~ Jealously. Heartbreak. Fights. Unexpected friendships Life just got harder for Hermione Scott. || Editing || (SLOWLY) < (SO DON'T TALK CRAP IF IT DON'T MAKE SENSE) Highest|| #1 in nerd #1 in player #1 in romance #1 in siblings #1 in funny #1 in complicated #1 in heartbreak #2 in best friends #3 in teenager #3 in good girl #4 in bullied #5 in alone #9 in bad boy #11 in love #38 in cliche ©️Copyrights 2018 ~ Completed March 7, 2020 ~

One|| Introduction

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My Best F...
by Kenziexwrites