The Final Era
By Tumike-John
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Dr. Tanner Harmon, a US virologist, known for being the CEO of Hunter Research Institute, tries to cure the one of the world's most dangerous virus - Ebola - but ends up creating a greater virus. The world shuts into violence and panic, as this man-made disease begins to spread faster than what any man can tame. The infected are now complicated: murderous, violent, mindless, and history knows them as 'the undead'. In spite of this, the zombies are not what man fears the most; it is what other men are doing with the infected that sends fright the most. The president is trapped in the White House and the Secret Service isn't trusted anymore. In the midst of it all, Tanner is forced to work with a depressed US soldier holding a tangled past, his timid personal assistant, and an overly flirty TV star to reverse the havoc. A ZOMBIE FICTION NOVEL SEWN WITH GORE, DRAMA, SECRETS, AND MEMORIES. TRIGGER WARNING: • STRONG LANGUAGE • GORE Cover by @WYVERNINK #1 in Thriller (21/05/'19) #1 in Deadland (01/04/'19)


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The Final...
by Tumike-John