Something New
By mandybetha
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[Wattpad Picks: Editor's Choice] Cassie Briggs never thought she'd be married at age sixteen - especially not to Dylan Meyers, her boyfriend's annoying best friend. Of course, they're not married for real. It's just a project for their Life Economics class, where each student is randomly paired up with a "spouse" to learn how to work together to manage finances, make important life decisions, and deal with catastrophic events. And if getting paired with Dylan wasn't bad enough, Cassie's boyfriend Elijah gets paired with his ex-girlfriend, Hannah. The former childhood sweetheart who broke his heart. The girl who took him months to get over - if he's ever gotten over her at all. When their pairing leads to inevitable heartache for Cassie, she begins to find comfort in the most unexpected place: Dylan...her pretend husband...her now ex-boyfriend's best friend...the last guy in the world she should be growing closer to. But it's out of her control, and as the two begin to explore their possible feelings for one another, Elijah vows to stop at nothing to win back Cassie's heart - despite being the one to break it. Soon, Cassie finds herself facing her own important life decision: trying to choose between two boys she cares about without somehow destroying their friendship forever. Does she want to forgive, forget and give Elijah a second chance? Or is she maybe ready for something new? **Cover made by floweredhearts**

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by mandybetha