Waltz across Texas...
By StoryMak3r
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Barnard thinks he has a great idea for an adventure. As with many great ideas, this one is not well-planned, though it ends up funny. Armed with a smart phone, a Smart Car, and a smart aleck friend, he sets out to realize his latest dream of claiming fame and fortune. Believing he will be picked up by the Travel Channel as a videographer, he wants to make lesser-known places of interest into icons of Texas culture. The funny thing about this big adventure is that little does he suspect that he and his buddy Audie will become the best known two of these icons ... at least for a little while. Their adventure spans from East to West Texas in the Smart Car that Barnard is sure is the sportiest and coolest thing on the road. Unbeknownst to our heroes, their uploads to YouTube and Facebook quickly gain a cult following of their adventure over spring break. They think they are making a mess of their week through a calamity of errors as many things go wrong and only a few go right. They do run into funny and interesting characters, but some have malicious intentions. While all of the characters are fictional, they are believable and sometimes bizarre. Barnard and Audie are catapulted into dangerous cat and mouse games and at times have to fight for their lives. Intrigue and laughter will keep you riveted to the adventure in this book until the end. Don't miss this fun, engaging novel that is chock full of real life situations sure to touch your heart.

Chapter 1: The First Step

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Waltz acr...
by StoryMak3r