Dilemmas of a human...
By RomanMajcher
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This is a story that I am writing for my own pleasure, and to a large extent, for my self-therapy. While everyone is welcome to read my work, I have no ambitions having thousands of followers or fans. I do not seek fame, I merely would like to find enjoyment from an act of writing and sharing. 'Kacper is a humanitarian worker. On daily basis, he deals with wars, conflicts, forced displacement, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods, droughts, forced displacement, outbreaks of diseases, poverty, lack of prospects for sustainable development of societies across the world, growing inequalities between the rich and the poor. These experiences make him outraged, sad and leave him feeling depressed and helpless. Yet he is also a typical product of Western consumerism: with ambitions of career, inflated ego, desires which are unreasonable and unsustainable. This story is about how Kacper is trying to cope with contradictions and dilemmas that his life has brought on him.' All names and characters featured in the story are fictional.

Meeting Ahmed

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by RomanMajcher