The Reminiscent
By Aria_Saorsa
  • Fantasy
  • action
  • collab
  • comedy
  • darkfantasy
  • darkness
  • emotional
  • innerdemons
  • innerturmoil
  • lost
  • mentorship
  • reallifepeople
  • reset
  • time
  • timeloop
  • warfare


Reset. Reset. Reset. " I don't know how many times I can keep doing this, but I promised I would. I promised HIM that I would keep going." In this time loop, two battle. One is the victor, while the other is lost in time once again. The power of Good and the power of Evil must battle each other, ending up with time as the prize. However, the loop doesn't only affect them but their friends as well. There are many paths, many opportunities, but there are also many mistakes. Time may forgive, but it never forgets. One remembers, one forgets. The one who remembers reminisces in the past, while the one who forgets looks toward a bright future. In the end, will Good triumph Evil? Or will Evil blot out Good? Warning: There may be mild language. I don't own the people in this story. Also, this story was based off a conversation on the thread We Need More Friends 8.0.

~Author's Note~

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The Remin...
by Aria_Saorsa