What The Fudge Just...
By micahbrax1234
  • Teen Fiction
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  • blackmail
  • brothers
  • discipline
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  • lifeordeath
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Alexis, Greyson and Brielle Holmes are siblings who have been sent to boarding school after boarding school after their father passed. When they return home for the summer they find their mother remarried, and leaving to travel with her new husband, Mr. King. His three older sons to be their guardians for the time being and the rebellious and stubborn Holmes children do not intend to keep the King brothers around for long but are taken off guard when the brothers prove just what happens when they misbehave. Although the Holmes children are home, certain characters have followed them from boarding school, including a stalker who will do anything to make Alexis's life a living hell; blackmailing her until she plays his game, and she's not willing to lose, not when he threatens her siblings, not when it could cost her life. This story contains spanking of minors, as well as multiple assault scenes and abuse scenes. If this offends you or bothers you please do not read.

What The Fudge Just Happened

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What The...
by micahbrax1234