Lethal Romance
By TheNameIsChristina
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"When finding your beloved leads you back to your horrific past." - Arianna Morelli ~~~ Arianna Morelli is a normal eighteen year-old student who attends Stanford University in hopes of graduating with a Bachelors of Business and Accounting degree in order to create a business empire of her own. Derived from her aspiration in following her father's footsteps, and trained since birth in order to become the best of the best, Arianna is determined to find her way from the bottom to the top. He is known by many names, well that's from what the media calls him; The Womaniser, The Lover of Endless Pleasures, The Don Cassanova, The Italian Playboy of the Century - the list goes on and on. Just by looking at him, can make any woman fall to her knees, can make any woman's panties drop, and he can't lie, they were just a one-night thing. But who cares? They all came crawling back to him with only one thing on their mind, him. Disguised by wearing a mask, in public, he is the wealthiest man on Earth who strives his best to reduce many of the world's threats that is known today; climate change, human trafficking, food insecurity - you name it. Behind that mask and mischievous smile lies the underworld's ruthless and feared Mafioso Don to ever infamously walk the Earth, Luciano De'Angelo, heir of the notorious De'Angelo empire. Committed to the Italian Mafia, Luciano strongly believes that in this business, only the strong and supreme survive, and to be superior you must be ready at all times, even if it means taking one's life without mercy. It was until one day, Luciano came across the most beautiful woman his eyes ever lied on, and just by looking at her, Luciano could tell his Tesoro was way more. It was on that day, he vowed to himself that one day, the angelic beauty will be his and only his. But what happens when the beautiful harmless woman he thought she was, isn't? ~~~ Commenced: 18/11/18 Concluded: -

~ A U T H O R ' S N O T E ~

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Lethal Ro...
by TheNameIsChristina