Money Hearts
By mortaltendencies
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The city of Whiteford Hills is rocked when sixteen year old Eleanor Lockhart goes missing. When she's finally rescued, she shares her suffering only with those closest to her. This proves hard to do when her most trusted childhood friend stood by and watched as the kidnapping happened before his eyes. Isaac Crawford believes Eleanor deserves everything that came to her. To cope with his younger sister's death, he blames Eleanor for preventing him to be by his family's side on the night she passes away. Everything changes when a common threat arrives in the form of their old best friend, Ansel Redwood. Given the Redwood family's criminal history, Isaac doubts Ansel's motive for returning to the social scene is a pure one. He tries to convince Eleanor that their old friend may not be as harmless as he claims to be, but with the hatred simmering between the two of them, it takes more than having a common threat to gain back Eleanor's trust - let alone her friendship. ○ cover provided by @infernalbiitch

Money Hearts

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Money Hea...
by mortaltendencies