Out of My Control [...
By bert3005
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[being edited] Reid's life was simple. Goes to a small town high school, hangs out with his group of friends, keeps up his grades, and goes to church every Sunday. He'll do anything to keep his parents proud of him. That all changes when Reid meets a boy at a high school party. Grayson Clarke. He also happened to wake up half naked with Grayson in bed with him the next morning. Luckily, Reid will never have to see Grayson again and he can forget all about his scandalous night. At least that's what Reid thought before he found out Grayson was the new student at their school. Though Reid tries to suppress his feelings for Grayson, it just might be out of his control. *Cover art is not mine, it's from Pinterest lol* Best Rankings: #1 Comingoutofthecloset #3 Comingofage #4 teenromance #7 LGBT+ #9 boyfriend #10 bxb #10 daddyissues ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Warning: This book is boyxboy meaning the main characters are gay and will be doing gay things! If you do not like that, don't read it.

Chapter 1

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Out of My...
by bert3005