Harry Potter Smuts
By TheLemonSheriff
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CONTAINS SPOILERS! These do not follow the timeline. Honestly, JK Rowling doesn't follow the timeline either so don't come for me. The chapters get longer and better as they go on, and all of them include a plot rather than just mature scenes. All of these are X Female!Reader. So far, I have included: -Cedric Diggory -Harry Potter -Fred Weasley -George Weasley -Bill Weasley -Ron Weasley -Percy Weasley -Charlie Weasley -Oliver Wood -Neville Longbottom -James Potter -Remus Lupin -Sirius Black -Tom Riddle -Blaise Zabini -Draco Malfoy -Theodore Nott -Viktor Krum -Hermione Granger -Pansy Parkinson -Regulus Black -(and some threesomes and a foursome, but you didn't hear that from me.) They all come for the smut but stay for the comment section. "it's easy to read, it's funny, it's hot, it's just amazing" -AllieCrown15 "want to get your rocks off or feel loved for once? this is the book for you!! 420/69, would read again." -itsnotadreamhoney "i find this funny and hot idk why" -jazzyisaweeb "snape reads Wattpad" -a shocking take by Weasley_Witch00 "hot" -anonymous because I asked for permission to post this and they ignored me but I'm not mad at them; mommy's just a little disappointed. "I don't know whether I want to laugh, cry or cringe" -itzz_aimee321

Black Lives Matter

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