contract. [NCT TEN]
By monchisungiee_02
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"We are a perfect match. Like as fuck " I said as Ten took another piece of popcorn into his mouth "I know" he then got up and opened his bag. He pulled out two postcards with an opossum wearing a fishbowl like helmet and 'I want to go home' written below it. He soon took out his black pen from his pocket and started to scribble onto the postcard "15 years from now will make us 35. And if we're still single at 35 we will marry each other" he gave me one of the postcards 'this contract signifies that if Chittaphon Leechayiapornkul and Park Ia are still not married at the age of 35 they will marry each other approved by: chittaphon leechayiapornkul park Ia' I snatched him his pen then wrote my signature on his so called contracts "fine, I authorize this contract" He also signed the two postcards "fifteen years from now this will be mailed to us at this same day" he said and I nodded "but I doubt it fifteen years from now I could see you having five kids with Taeyong" he snickers I then slapped him in the use of the DVD cases of our favorite movies "I WILL NEVER" I then threw him a hand full of popcorn from our bowl He chuckled "okay okay buT STOP WASTING FOOD WOMAN!" ____________________________________ Join these two goofballs and unravel their twisted story in contract. ____________________________________ date started[11|14|18] date ended [07|24|20]


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by monchisungiee_02