Glass Magic
By lonewolfpuppylol
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Glass magic, the weakest of magic, the most fragile, the least effective. Those with it always end up with aide or aid class and a relief type. They were the ones to deal with the aftermath of war, helping those that had already severed their kingdom and those that had yet to come of age. They never face actual war, never risking their life as it was not a life worth risking. It was hardly a life. Now, there are also classes that seem limited to certain standing, take the rogue class for example; they are restricted to support and assassin types. Their sly personalities and abnormal magic perfect for stealing and stealth. Then lead types seem bland, always the same people, warrior class, elemental magic, blah blah blah. Though humans are uncommon within the lead types it's not as if one had heads turning in disbelieve. Uncommon but not rare. Boring really. Everyone's always so restricted with their magic, type, class, and rank, and yet... She exists. A magic so fragile she shouldn't even be allowed in war, a class that doesn't match her personality, and a type that clearly doesn't belong to her. The only thing that seemed to be correct was her rank, F, the lowest. I wonder... Will she thrive with her standing? Or with she burn in the chaos of it? Why don't we find out? (This is a first draft and the plot is a little all over the place)


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Glass Mag...
by lonewolfpuppylol