Player Next Door
By ShatterAngel
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The student council decides to throw the yearly Couple Fest for Seniors because of their high grades. But there's a catch: You can't choose your own partner for the ball. Sean Gilbert. The arrogant, extremely hot, bad-ass leader of the popular clan. Elise Britts. The simple, sarcastic nerd who loves to read books and stay out of danger. But that's just the start of the game. When Elise's parents get a divorce, she gets sent away to a family friend's home to stay there while her parents come to terms. Then all of a sudden a guy steps out of the room directly across from hers. The one and only Sean Gilbert lives along with Elise Britts. A deal of who falls first is striked between them and who will be the first one to fall? A lot of things can happen when the player is just next door. This book starts as a good girl falls for the bad boy romance.

Player Next Door

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Player Ne...
by ShatterAngel