Sins Of The Mother...
By AlanaRiddle
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(Sequel to Sins Of The Father) Roslyn struggles to find her way with all the uncertainty she is left with. Long days turn into painful nights plagued by the memories of her estranged husband. With many deaths all around London Roslyn Knows Tom is growing stronger, but she's more concerned with taking care for her children. She must make some very hard decisions and put aside her morals if she wants to survive on her own. All the while she is bothered by the possibility of fixing what was once so perfect. As Roslyn Discovers herself she will find her blossoming career heckled by Tom Riddle himself lurking in the shadows. Is it just her imagination or has Tom not forgotten his own flesh and blood and his wife? Is there a way to fix Tom or will they forever be two star crossed lovers hanging in the balance. Cover by: Sweet_Yammie

Chapter 1

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Sins Of T...
by AlanaRiddle