His Domestic Wolf
By Noizez
  • Werewolf
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Twenty five years, twenty five years Noah has waited for his mate. In the beginning with all the responsibility of caring for his pack and his alpha he was easily busy and kept distracted from the empty spot in his chest. However, the emptiness was growing. He yearned to love and protect another and hold them in his arms. To keep them safe. He was beyond excited when he first smelled her. He could smell her scent flood out of the small cafe. The coffee shop was close to his home, and he sure hope it was close to hers too. He could now see why the alpha was so tense when he found his mate. He himself could feel his wolf wanting to rip through and find his mate. With controlled steps he walked into the cafe with uncontrolled excitement to only stop mid-step. Quietly he stood there looking across the cafe was his mate. Under a table. On a leash.


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