Senran Kagura: The...
By KazumaAkimoto
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3 years after the defeat of Gabriel Reyes aka The Reaper, peace has been restored and everything returned back to the way it was. In the city named Academy City, Yumi Hisame & Miyabi Shinkai who were key characters of the Second Shinobi Great War were having normal life with their friend Yomikawa Aiho. However little did know that eight peoples who are leading their own organizations in the Dark Side of Academy City and who are also the apprentices of The Reaper will come into conflict with them. Yumi and Miyabi with the help of their friends will be prepared to face against enemies that they no one ever face before. "Senran Kagura characters belong to Marvelous" "Naruto characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto" "Neo Nakamura and the Axis clan belong to @RyuuReigns2620" "Gerardo belong to @Thatpowerfuldude3" "To Aru Majustu no Index Characters belong to Kazuma Kamachi" "Umbra Korezuki belong to @XeckCrizer108" "Fuyu, Hansuke and Yuuki belong to me" "The original story belong to me"

Main Protagonist & Characters

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Senran Ka...
by KazumaAkimoto