Parasite (Resonance...
By TorissaNikole
  • Fantasy
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  • fantasy
  • lgbt
  • magic
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Catia has lived in hiding since she was twelve, when she manifested a rare and illegal magic ability: mind reading. She's kept her ability secret for so long, she's forgotten what it's like to live and breathe freely. Her endurance for the refugee lifestyle finally breaks when her ability begins triggering horrifying visions and hallucinations. Confused and terrified, she decides to turn herself in to the Empire in hopes that one particular magic user can help her decipher these visions: The Judge. Upon meeting him, he tells her that she is afflicted by a soul parasite known as a Vaire. She will become one of the horrifically mutated Affected within a month. He agrees to help her purge it, but at a price. The Judge embeds Catia into The Draylix Empire, using her Psionic abilities to serve as a personal telepath to an Auxiliary in the upper echelons of the government. Neck deep in political intrigue, she must dig up enough dirt on the Auxiliary to blackmail him into manufacturing an immensely rare and dangerous hylix crystal: the only thing capable of curing a soul parasite. All while under constant threat of exposure, or worse, incriminating those she loves. But she doesn't have long, for as her visions worsen, she begins to wonder whether they are visions at all, or if something far more terrifying is at work. ---- "Red Queen" meets "Stranger Things".

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by TorissaNikole