Good King Lyr [Gend...
By HollyHeisey
  • Science Fiction
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  • genderfluid
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A con man. An immortal demigod. A chance at love that could save the universe. In the far future, interstellar con man Anais Cavere takes the job of his life to impersonate his hero, immortal demigod Barenin Lyr. But his job as contract king to an unstable world takes a dangerous turn when he learns it was his hero who hired him. Barenin sweeps Anais into a web of cosmic intrigue with consequences spanning the universe. And genderfluid Barenin, while she's at it, might also sweep Anais off his feet. This is an #ownvoices book! ❤ --------- Updates posted twice weekly--please add to your library to get each part when it comes out! This novel is set in the Kaireyeh Chronicles universe, the first in a prequel series to The Emperor of Time. You can read this series or the other series first, each stands on its own and this might be the better entry point. This series is character romance, the other is grand space opera. Updated versions of the other books are coming soon! This novel is released in beta--I'd love to hear what you think!

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Good King...
by HollyHeisey