The Legendary Hero...
By deku_analysis
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Izuku Midoriya is not quirkless, not even close. He actually is in possession of two quirks, and is one of the most promising of UA's students. He is joined by his childhood friend, Katsuki Bakugo, and together, they pave their way to the world of a Hero. This fanfic is IzukuxMomo but there will be other ships in here too. Comment which ships you want, and I'll try to include them to the story. The real story starts at the part where it says STORY STARTS HERE in bold. Before that is an intro :) I am very open to suggestions and will try as hard as possible to answer any questions. I think this fanfic will go for pretty long, and I will be updating regularly, so stay tuned for more! Hope you enjoy, PLUS ULTRA!

Chapter 1: Two Quirks

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The Legen...
by deku_analysis