Beauty is the Beast
By Benval601
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. . .Stepping back I murmured "Who are you?" His Silver eyes gazed at me, a wicked snarl formed on his lips, revealing his fags. "Have you forgotten so soon? How pleasant." his craw-like fingers grazed the skin on my forehead. I heard the hoarse terrifying voice in my head again. 'I am your Shadow' The voice said 'Your lifeforce, your anchor, your reflexion. I AM YOU Celia." And he was a beast. * * * * * * * * Being the princess of Eltaanei and soon-to-be ruler of the five realms wasn't the only harsh dice fate had thrown Celia's way. Born as a shadow bearer, Celia is forced to hide her Gift from the knowledge of her kingdom as such exposure will put her life at risk or even death, like her father before her. The people of Eltaanei are known for their shadow bearing ability just the same way the people from the four other realms are known for their different manifestations. However, Celia has to keep hers hidden because of her Shadow. She wasn't housing just ANY shadow. She was housing Talon, the greatest,oldest and most powerful demon from the Dolnèi realm. Copyright © 2019 And he wanted to be released


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Beauty is...
by Benval601