The Darkness at Bay
By samdhartley
  • Fantasy
  • -romance
  • angelofdeath
  • angels
  • dark
  • darkangel
  • darkness
  • destiny
  • fantasy
  • fantasy-romance
  • fate
  • fighting
  • girlpower
  • hardship
  • magic
  • prophecy
  • quest
  • rebel
  • romance
  • shadow
  • sorcery
  • strength
  • strongfemalelead
  • wings
  • yafantasy
  • youngadult


"When the Daughter of Darkness comes, only Death awaits." Born unlike anyone else and forced to work as the king's Aviary, Azria has only known one thing: she is a monster. The people of Izmera fear her and her powers, but when a chance comes to learn more about what she is, Azria can't turn it down. With the help of a nobleman from the neighbouring realm of Raheim and the backing of a rebel organization, Azria sets off to discover the origins of her powers. But war looms over the people of Izmera and Raheim and an ancient magic emerges to threaten to destroy everything that Azria loves. As secrets come to light about who and what she is, Azria's destiny begins to unfold whether she's willing to accept it or not.


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The Darkn...
by samdhartley