Nanny Express
By kweencie
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Sage was left at the alter by her ex fiancé to elope with her sister. She was broken. Would she even find the one or be a victim to more heartbreak?. "If you stand over there you're definitely going to fall" He argued back obviously getting tired of me. Wanting to test his patience doing the exact opposite of what he wanted, I stood on the rock in the middle of the river. "No I won't, stop telling me what to do" I grumbled folding my hand in response he raised his brow at me "seriously you want to act like a child" "I'm not acting like a child I simply w.....arghhh" and I slipped of the rock and into the river. Unfortunately I slipped into the deep end of the river, fortunately the current wasn't too strong, I managed to swim back over to the river bank without much issue and me accidentally drowning myself. "This is the part where I say told you so" "And this is the part where I say if you love your little friends you won't dare" I threatened I was soaking wet, cold and shivering. "It's not little" He leaned down to whisper in my ear "Do you want to take a go" I was flustered but no way was I going to let him win this teasing battle he started. "Don't mind if I do" my lips were on the edge of his as I rained kisses around his face my hands roamed up to his sweater dragging it over his head ,he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. He whispered my name "Sage" I stared at him with intensity as I reached over to yank the sweater completely out of his hand and start on the buttons on my shirt..... Highest ranking #2 on actor #3 on heartbreak 😭😭 y'all

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Nanny Exp...
by kweencie