The Bodyguard
By blxckbxxk
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"Out and about to explore the world, Dora?" A deep voice behind me laughed. Of course I knew who stood there but I thought he had left hours ago and would come back tomorrow morning to pick me up. He leaned casually against the beige wall of the garage and stubbed a cigarette out behind himself. "My dad will be pissed when he sees that" I ignored his question and pointed at the small scorch on the wall. The street lamps' light reflected in his blue eyes and made them look like they were shining at me. He pushed himself off the wall and with three steps he stood directly in front of me. I had to put my head back to look him in the face. "Want one?" He asked and raised his right arm. I turned my head to see a small box of cigarettes in his hand. It was dark outside, the only light came from the street lamp across the street and the stars. The light drew long shadows on his face but I could still observe it perfectly. Clear skin, full lips and long eyelashes. I shook my head and whispered "I don't really support smoking." "Yeah, me neither" he smirked and nodded slowly. I won't lie. He is really handsome and there definitely is a part to me that is attracted to him but I should really go now if I want to catch that train. -------------------------- Pandora just came back from college to visit her parents. But when they see her they seem everything but happy about it. Turns out her mother is not who she claimed to be and has a dark past which is now catching up on her. They want her to go to a save place in NewOrleans with her new bodyguard Hudson. But that's not Pandora's plan... [COMPLETED]


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The Bodyg...
by blxckbxxk