Love Is Mysterious
By HatsOffForKaede
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They say love is mysterious, you can't control who you do or don't love. Love can be found in the most despair inducing places or the most hope inducing. One thing that is know about love though is that it will change your life for the better or worse. Kaede is an optimistic pianist and Shuichi is a reserved detective but together they find love. The only problem is that neither have the heart to tell the one they love the truth. Will their love be tainted by despair or will they find hope by uncovering the truth about each other... MILESTONES: 100 Reads- 12th December 300 Reads- 7th January 500 Reads - 27th January 800 Reads- 10th February 1000 Reads- 20th February 2000 Reads- 2nd April 4000 Reads - 16th September Thank you for all the support! (The art in the cover is not mine and I do not claim it as my own. All rights go to the artist)

All Eyes On You

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Love Is M...
by HatsOffForKaede