Silver As Glace
By GrandArkirah
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They took her life, so she will destroy everything they have. Masquerades are dances of the night, ploys to cover identities as tricks are pulled behind the masks. As an outcast deemed freakish by her society, it's all 17-year-old Morita has ever wanted. But when a supernatural group called the Dishonoreds crashes the ball, she realizes that she wants something much more. Answers. They are deities, mythical beings her society worships. Abducted from her bourgeoisie nation, she learns that she's one of them--a powerful being with a gift that can bend the worlds. When the Heavens, a group of deities opposing the Dishonoreds, kill her loved ones, Morita wants revenge. War has torn the immortal world apart for centuries. In a court of dangerous deities, she's not the only one that's been gifted with an ancient power that can change the tides of the war. But she's the only one that can unite--or destroy--them forever. *NO MORE CHANGES WILL BE MADE TO THE STORY AS I AM NO LONGER WORKING ON THE IDEA.* **THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN I WAS 14/15, KINDA TRASH BUT IT STILL SURPRISES ME WITH SOME GOOD LINES.** ~90,000 words {Featured on @projectsuper's ZATANNA - the magicians. reading list} {February 2019 winner of @RedFeatherAward's Red Feather Award} {Third place fantasy winner of @TheGrandDame's The Grand Dame Awards 2019} {First place fantasy winner of @creativechaos's Chao Awards 6} RANKED #25 in #fantasyadventure #181 in #love #2 in #immortal #1 in #highfantasy Beautiful cover by @-shzedd

World of the Arkiverse

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Silver As...
by GrandArkirah